State denying Krejcir counsel info: lawyer

Johannesburg - The State has denied Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir's defence counsel information they require, the Johannesburg High Court heard on Thursday.

Annelene van der Heever, for Krejcir, said she had requested witness statements and original dockets and the document with the list of State witnesses.

Radovan KrejcirFile picture: Antoine de Ras. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

She told the court that some of the information provided to her was not complete and some parts were blacked out.

The State had blocked the names and information of some witnesses.

“I want details of the State witnesses. We want to know who they are and check if they are referrals,” she said.

Prosecutor Louis Masheane argued that some of the witnesses were blacked out in the document to protect them.

He said he feared they would be “tampered with” or intimidated.

“I am entitled to block the names and addresses of some of my witnesses.

He assured the court that in due time those witnesses would be known.

“We cannot call a faceless witness. We will disclose them in the right time.”

Judge Collin Lamont ordered Masheane to provide the defence with the documents they wanted including the witness statements.

He agreed to only the statement but not to the cover of the docket because he argued the cover contained information of the correspondence between the State and the investigating officer.

The court was adjourned for lunch.