More and more educated and wealthy Joburg women are being conned by unscrupulous, so-called herbalists, healers and prophets.

They are not only being conned of vast amounts of money – up to R760 000 in one case – but are being coerced and drugged into having sex with the “sangomas”.

According to Phephisile Maseko, national co-ordinator of the Traditional Healers’ Association, it is happening all over the country.

These so-called traditional healers call themselves names such as Prof Karim, Prof Oyo Khan, Mama Noor and Doctor Jeanette. They distribute pamphlets to passers-by and motorists on street corners in wealthy suburbs.

Among the claims they make is that they are erectile dysfunction specialists; can cure irregular periods and body odour; and can help with pregnancies, divorce matters, abortions, marriage problems and court cases.

They claim they can bring back lost lovers, “not matter how long”, can get rid of evil spirits and “remove you from using drugs”.

They claim they can enhance sports performance, help people pass exams, solve financial problems, and enlarge penises and breasts.

Maseko said these so-called doctors and professors were a huge problem to her organisation which was investigating thousands of cases from around the country.

“There is big money involved, reaching millions of rands. They are targeting wealthy white people who are being taken in by them and are willingly handing over money to have their problems resolved.

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