London - Scientists have developed a high-tech leg bracelet to tackle chronic leg pain.

At the touch of a button, the device sends out electrical pulses that scramble the pain messages travelling to the brain.

It has been designed for patients suffering from pain caused by nerve damage — neuropathic pain — and is initially being tested on people with diabetic neuropathy.

This causes severe pain in the legs and affects up to 70 percent of diabetics. It’s thought to be triggered by high sugar levels damaging nerves.

The new Sensus device, developed by a US company, fits around the upper-calf, with electrodes placed along the skin. When the patient feels pain, they press a button on the cuff, triggering the release of electrical pulses.

Early tests show that patients experience a significant reduction in pain. The theory is that the pulses excite the nerves, which interferes with the pain signals being sent to the brain. - Daily Mail