DA is not a 'white party', says Zille

The ANC is a broken door and it is stuck, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said on Sunday.

"... People are looking backwards, to the past... they are complaining... instead, they must just look in front at the big door that says push... that door is the DA," she said.

She was speaking to residents at the Zwelethemba Community Hall in Worcester.

"The DA is the party that will give people opportunities. But an opportunity is useless unless you use it. You have to take the responsibility to use your opportunity."

She said that the ANC was the past and the DA was the future.

"Some people say the DA is a white party... that is a lie... some people even say that if the DA wins, we will bring back apartheid... we will never do that... I promise you we will never ever do that...

"I fought against apartheid... I was arrested during the struggle against apartheid when I tried to stop the police breaking down people's houses. I went into hiding because the police were looking for me."

She told residents that the DA was also busy working to put electricity and services into areas in Cape Town that had not received these when the ANC was in government.

"That is what we are busy with in Cape Town and what we want to do in Worcester and Zwelethemba as well.

"You have seen the ANC fail... you have seen the ANC telling lies... you have seen how the ANC disrespects people, how it abuses its power and how it is corrupt... you can stop it with your vote," Zille said. - Sapa

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