Disgruntled CFO airs views on Facebook


Pretoria - Suspended Tshwane chief financial officer Andile Dyakala has taken to Facebook to shed some light on his disciplinary battles with the municipality.

Dyakala was suspended by city manager Jason Ngobeni after being implicated following a forensic investigation commissioned by the city into a printing tender.

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Suspende City of Tshwane CFO Andile Dyakala's facebook entry where he is revealing some of the reasons that led to his supenssion.
Picture: Facebook02/04/2013. Andile Dyakala ( CFO of City of Tshwane),  executive mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa and city manager Jason Ngobeni share a light moment during the launch of the smart prepaid electricity meters at Freedom Park that will be rolled out to every house hold in the city of Tshwane.
Picture: Masi Losi

The city is finalising the appointment of prosecutors and presiding officers for his disciplinary proceedings.

Dyakala used his Facebook page to express his views on the matter. He posted statements implying that tribalism and his knowledge about some tender irregularities were the reasons behind his suspension.

He also told his friends on the popular social media network that he was suspended via an SMS.

Dyakala alleged that the city manager was a tribalist.

“Jason Ngobeni is a tribalist. I said and I am I said (sic) it. He suspended via SMS (sic) and I know him and Hedrikck (sic) want an illegal contract. Must I talk Jason Ngobeni.” (sic).

Asked by Jimmy Nkabinde who Hedrikck was, he replied “ask JN (sic)… I am tired”.

Explaining his claims of tribalism at play in the municipality, Dyakala said his woes were owing to the fact that he was from Khayelitsha in the Western Cape.

In one post Dyakala wrote: “City manager must I talk? I will expose people I am tired (sic).”

Viscount Sabatha Mahote commented that Dyakala should “make sure his tax affairs were in order”, to which he responded: “I am in order (sic) but let’s fight tribalism. Just because I am from Khayelitsha (sic).”

In response, Khomotso Bigshoe Modjadji wrote: “He’s got history of intimidations, don’t be scared”, seemingly referring to Ngobeni.

Sello Sikhalo Sekgonyana Kwedini had some words of encouragement: “Don’t stress, enjoy home wena (sic)”.

Nwabisa Qwanyashe advised Dyakala, addressing him by his clan name: “Mcwerha (sic), follow due process as this is not the platform, don’t let emotions take the better judgement, keep your head up hey U r xhosa alawys (sic) targeted put keep your head Up… Qina fabrication pass.”

The comment drew some interest, but not everyone agreed with the statement. Martin Msimelelo Nkwenkwezi posted: “u seem to know a lot this is Andile’s personal page he can say whatever he wants about anything and if u had his best interest at heart u could have inbox him but because u have ur own agenda u trying to look good on his expense.” (sic)

Pumla Mkiva Ka Goso posted praise for Dyakala, quoting from the popular ANC Struggle song “NguMcwerha lo, abamaziyo, abazange bambona…” Qina comrade. Unjalo umzabalazo (Those who know him, didn’t see him. Be strong comrade. That’s how things go in the Struggle).

Mayoral spokesman Blessing Manale said the municipality had a social media policy that regulated the conduct of its spokespersons and officials with regards to its official website and other social media platforms. However, the policy did not extend to private conversations made in public, therefore the city manager had personal recourse should he opt to exercise his legal rights.

“The city manager officially served Dyakala with formal correspondence for his suspension. Therefore any other actions taken subsequent to that formal correspondence will be raised during the disciplinary hearing.”

The mayor’s policy was that all officials implicated in misdemeanours have a fair and just process to clear their names and mitigate findings against them, Manale said. Dyakala said his looming disciplinary hearing made it improper for him to comment further.

As Tshwane’s chief financial officer, Dyakala’s competency areas are:

* Strategic leadership and management

* Strategic financial management

* Operational financial management

* Governance, ethics and values in financial management

* Financial and performance reporting

* Risk and change management

* Project management

* Legislation, policy and implementation

* Stakeholder relations

* Supply chain management

* Audit and assurance

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