Tears, screams from Union Buildings crowd


Pretoria - Southern lawns at the Union Buildings came alive moments after Jacob Zuma took the oath at about 11.37am.

As the air force created a spectacular sight in the sky above, thousands of people that had watched proceedings on big screens roared into an applause and a song.

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Crowds gathering on south lawn of Union Buildings.

South African flags that had been handed out earlier in the day formed a sea of red, green, blue, black and yellow in the packed venue.

Sections of the crowd burst chants of Zuma, my president. Zuma, Zuma, Zuma, they screamed.

Others shed tears, while some screamed at the top of their voices.

The noise levels peaked when Zuma took to the podium to address the nation at midday.

He accepted the mandate given to him to lead the nation for the next five years. - Pretoria News Weekend

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