Boobs are back in a big way

Boobs are back - and to celebrate, a top-selling bra in South Africa is celebrating National Cleavage Day.

And a dozen local girls boasting some of the best figures in the country - and sporting the "world-famous" bra - will be busting out of their T-shirts at three busy intersections in Durban on Friday.

Liftoff Durban student Kate Lovemore, 19, celebrates national cleavage day. Credit: AP

Twenty in Johannesburg and another 20 in Cape Town have also been called in to give motorists an uplifting start to the day - and to dish out stickers and G-strings to selected drivers.

Female ones of course.

Miss Kate Lovemore, 19, of Durban, whose stunning looks and 36C measurements have landed her one of the top - or is it over-the-top - jobs, said she was thrilled.