Carrim murder: Who did it?

One of the men accused of murdering crime buster Captain Carrim Alli on Thursday suddenly claimed his fellow accused had told him he was going to kill Alli.

This claim, as well as new memories of other alleged conversations between murder accused Tienie de Bruin and Sergeant Isa Mohammed, surfaced during cross-examination in the Pretoria High Court on Thursday.

De Bruin and Mohammed both denied murdering Alli, but blamed each other for the gruesome murder. Alli died a slow and painful death after he and his car were set alight on a lonely farm road outside Pretoria in October 2004.

Mohammed claimed he had supplied the murdered police captain with information about a black dollar scam and a police stationary tender manipulation scam involving senior police officers, shortly before his death.

He even admitted accompanying Alli to the place where he was attacked, but claimed he left Alli there with two unknown Nigerians. He claimed De Bruin was part of the police fraudsters' inner circle and had arranged the meeting place.

De Bruin in turn testified that Mohammed had told him he and his friend Mustapha Amod - former station commissioner of the Erasmia police station - were angry with Alli after the arrest of one of their friends and wanted him "gone".

Grilled by Adv Francois Roets, appearing for Mohammed, De Bruin on Thursday made several new claims about alleged conversations with Mohammed.

He claimed Mohammed had told him Amod did not want to kill Alli himself, and had asked him (Mohammed) to do it.

"Isa said he would do anything for Amod," he added.

De Bruin also for the first time revealed that Mohammed once told him he had previously murdered a friend and threatened to kill De Bruin and his family as well if he did not co-operate.

De Bruin insisted he had shortly before the murder tried to get a silencer and obtained ammunition and petrol at Mohammed's request without knowing why his business partner wanted the items.

The prosecution put it to De Bruin that he was lying and knew very well that Mohammed was planning Alli's murder when he asked De Bruin to get the items.

Roets accused De Bruin of lying so often and so thoroughly that he could not even remember his previous lies.

The trial continues. - Sapa

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