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 Johannesburg - They aren’t the best of buddies, but when it came to their studies they befriended one another.

They did the same subjects, went to the same classes and helped each other when they faced challenges.

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Tshepo Radebe (Blue Shirt) from Dlaminii in Soweto south of Johannesburg, a student at St Matthews High School  is lifted into the air by his family and is one of the students that are expected to score a lot of distinction in his matric results.From left are grand ma Doris, Sister Maleshwana, Mother Norah and brother  Nhlanhla 
Picture: Boxer NgwenyaSabelo Makhubu from Emndeni in Soweto south of Johannesburg is one of the students that are expected to score a lot of distinction in his matric results.
Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Both Tshepo Radebe and Sabelo Makhubu, from St Matthews Private School in Rockville, Soweto, bagged As in all their subjects.

The pair, are also the school’s top achievers with Tshepo scoring eight distinctions while Sabelo netted seven.

Now the pupils will join thousands of first-year students at Witswatersrand University (Wits).

They might yet again have an opportunity to share a lecture hall and find themselves assisting one another in actuarial science.

They both love maths and accounting, finding the subjects challenging. And their families are proud of them.

On Tuesday, in Dlamini, Soweto, the Radebe family showed their love for their boy Tshepo, who scored distinctions in all his subjects: maths, maths 3, English, isiZulu, life orientation, life science, physical science and accounting.

“I knew distinctions were coming my way. I always worked hard to achieve such results, since my primary days,” said the proud St Matthews top matric student.

Tshepo had to make some sacrifices in order to stay focused on his studies.

“I guess some of my friends do not regard me as a friend any more. I had to cut my social life and pay attention to my books,” he said, explaining that he wanted to make his family proud.

Sabelo was equally proud of his preparations for the exams. “Maths was challenging and I enjoyed it. Now I am ready for another challenge,” Sabelo said.

Unlike other pupils who waited anxiously for their results, Sabelo was relaxed and calmon day afternoon.

“Getting my results statement is just a confirmation. I know what I wrote and I know I did very well,” he said.

He got distinctions in maths, IsiZulu, English, life orientation, accounting, physical science and life science.

Though he was confident with his results, the pupil who lives Emndeni, wasn’t expecting more than five aces.

“I was under a lot of pressure to do well. It was a challenge I had to live up to,” he said.

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