Pretoria - After crying hysterically on his first day at school a year ago, Karabo Manzini has become acclimatised to life at Rivoningo Primary School, where he is now in Grade 1.

When the Pretoria News visited the school in Soshanguve last year, Karabo was distraught about saying goodbye to his mother and tried to run after her.

Kicking and screaming, he was scooped up by teacher Absalom Sikhosana, and his picture made the front page of the newspaper.

This year, however, things were very different. The Pretoria News returned to the school and was told by Karabo’s former teacher that he had settled in after a few days and the year had gone smoothly. She said he was a quiet boy in class, speaking only when asked a question.

Sitting in his Grade 1 classroom at the start of the new year, he seemed relaxed and smiled for the camera.

“I’m no longer scared of school any more. It is very fun and I have friends now,” said the reserved little boy.

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