Johannesburg -

Flights were delayed at Cape Town International Airport on Monday because of a fuel shortage, the company said in a statement.

“During the course of the day... Comair flights experienced delays when their fuel supplier was unable to meet their demand,” spokeswoman Deidre Davids said.

Airlines under Comair flights include and British Airways.

“Other flights continued to operate normally,” Davids said.

Davids said the airport's rule was that airlines should maintain a minimum stock of fuel for at least three days.

“While the available fuel has not gone below the minimum stock level, there are concerns about fuel supply challenges at a refinery level.

“This is why the airport in consultations with the airline associations have been engaging with Chevron to make sure that they have plans in place to meet the contracted fuel obligations of their clients, the airlines, so as to ensure these stock levels are maintained and that airport operations are not adversely affected.”

It was not clear how long the flights were delayed.

Davids said airlines had been requested to tanker fuel from other airports. She referred questions relating to the jet fuel status to the refinery.

Chevron spokeswoman Suzanne Pullinger was not immediately available for comment. - Sapa