‘Kiss the boers who are willing to share’

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Kimberley - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, told his supporters that the party did not “hate” white South Africans, but rather those who were unwilling to share the land with the people they “stole it from”.

Malema was saying this to thousands of EFF supporters in their signature red regalia, during the launch of the party’s election manifesto in Jan Kempdorp on Saturday.

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EFF leader Julius Malema addresses his supporters in Jan Kempdorp at the weekend. Pictures: Danie van der LithThousands of EFF supporters in their signature red regalia gathered for the launch of the partys election manifesto in Jan Kempdorp on Saturday.

“What we hate are greedy people, whether they are black or white. Whites can keep parts of their farms but should be willing to give at least 90 percent to those from whom they stole the land, without compensation. If not, they are not welcome in this country and should rather leave,” he said to loud cheers.

“This monopoly of white imperialism has also created greedy Africans, something that goes completely against the meaning of the word ‘African’. To be an African means to love to share,” said.

“Kiss the boer, kiss the farmer – as long as they are not greedy,” Malema said.

He also explained the party’s main objective of “economic freedom in our lifetime through nationalisation of mines and the redistribution of land without compensation”.

He then lashed out at what he termed corrupt officials in the Province, including the two MECs currently facing charges in court, John Block and Alvin Botes.

“After 20 years of democracy we don’t have ‘a good story to tell’ but rather the story of pain, of suffering and misery. The fact that the majority of our people are still poor, unemployed, uneducated and hungry, will have the leaders who paid with their lives for these freedoms, turning in their graves.

“Through corruption and greed, our current leaders are turning their backs on the poorest of the poor, thereby abandoning the Freedom Charter and undermining our freedom. The ANC has gone to the dogs; it has died and was buried with Nelson Mandela.

“All that is left now is Zuma’s African National Criminals, but we today see the birth of a new child – the EFF. Nature does not allow for a vacuum and we will occupy the space left by the ANC,” Malema said to a cheering crowd.

He added that the party was not ashamed to say that the EFF represented the poorest of the poor.

“We are an organisation of shack dwellers, farm workers and domestic workers. The EFF belongs to all people and we are proud to say that we are fighting for the poor.”

On the issue of land distribution without compensation, Malema said there was “no reason to buy back land that was stolen in the first place”.

“We will only be rich if we own the rich land we were born on. Africa is wealthy but its people are poor because criminals stole our land. When we occupy that land by force we, the rightful owners, get shot at, while the real criminals walk free.

“Everything in the Northern Cape, including the mountains, mines, land, beaches, fish in the sea and even the dagga, belong to all people. We must just be willing to share because it doesn’t make sense to buy back something that was stolen in the first place. The land is our property and our businesses.

“We used its mineral to trade with international communities long before Jan van Riebeeck came here. We will die fighting for this land because we want our children to own many hectares, from which they can feed their families and communities,” Malema said.

On the topic of nationalisation of mines, Malema said that if workers had shares in the mines they worked at, strikes would become a thing of the past.

“The Northern Cape, with its rich natural resources, should look better than London or New York, which were both built with the wealth stolen from Africa. Imagine if the Province benefitted from its own resources,” Malema said.

He added that if workers had shares in the mines they worked, production would double.

“Workers who own shares will know they receive dividends on top of their salaries and will work extra hard to push up production,” Malema added.

Before breaking into song, chanting “kiss the farmer, kiss the boer,” Malema ridiculed ANC president Jacob Zuma and called for him to be declared unfit to occupy office, adding that no-one should be above the law.

“Zuma has abandoned his responsibilities as the President and also the oath of office. He is no longer fit to run our country,” Malema said.

He also introduced the EFF premier candidate for the Northern Cape, Aubrey Baartman, saying that Baartman was a respected member of the community who lived among his people.

“We know he will serve with humility, dignity and respect. We trust him because he stands next to Julius Malema and will fire him if he if found stealing.”

Baartman has been shunned by the ANC, as well as the DA and Cope coalition, following questions regarding his qualifications and fraud allegations while he was the municipal manager at Nama Khoi.

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