10 000 in Cape Town say Zuma must go

The Zuma Era

Parliament – Thousands of protesters descended on Parliament and urged the ANC to fire President Jacob Zuma because of his conduct.

More than 10 000 people said on Friday they were tired of being led by Zuma, who has flouted the Constitution and the laws of the country.

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Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA PicturesPicture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOLPicture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOLPicture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOLPicture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOLPicture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOLPicture: Henk Kruger/ANA pictures

Carrying placards for Zuma’s removal, the protesters chanted “Zuma Must Fall” relentlessly during the march.

"I am here because I am in support of this movement. It's not a race thing. It is a lack of leadership. I would vote for ANC if they change their leadership. This is about victory of South Africa," Noorjan Allie said, while holding a placard that said 'If Alice (in Wonderland) could do it, so could we? Down with the bloody big head.'

Noorjan Allie held a placard that said 'If Alice could do it, so could we? Down with the bloody big head.'Picture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOL

Civil society organisations also warned that there would be more protests if the ANC failed to act.

This echoes the voice of some protesters who said they won't stop at this march – there will be more if there is no outcome.

Lawson Naidoo of Save South Africa said the country needed leaders with integrity.

He said it was time South Africa elected a new leader who will take it forward and not Zuma.

One of the protesters Owezulu Raphahlela said she had joined the march to save the country from total collapse under Zuma.

She said the ANC has tolerated Zuma for far too long, and it was time the party fired him.

“He is leading all of us into darkness. We are led by a blind person and we cannot be led by such a person,” said Raphahlela.

Another protester Melanie Rass said this will be a sustained campaign that will see Zuma go.

Gouwa Isaacs who was with her young daughter, said "What the ANC fought for and what they are today is different. If they go back to the previous ANC, they might just get my vote, but right now I have no faith in them."

The country has had enough of Zuma and want Parliament to ensure that on April 18 he is removed from office.

If that failed, people would continue to call for his removal.

It is clear that South Africa has had enough if their chants, placards and anger is anything to go by.

They not only chanted "Zuma Must Fall", but also "Zuma moet vol op sy hol" and other derogatory phrases.

Despite it originally being thought as something of a "white agenda", people from all walks of life, of all ages were gathered at the Anti-Zuma marches to protest against Zuma and his "cronies", as most protesters said.

Earlier on Friday thousands of people armed with placards lined the streets of Cape Town on the West Coast, in the Cape Town CBD, in the Southern Suburbs, parts of the Cape Flats and in the Deep South.

Banners were mounted on bridges across the M3 and through Plumstead, Kenilworth and Rondebosch.

A mass of bikers joined the protest. Jurgem Buchelt said close to one thousand motorbikers rode from N1 City to Parliament for the Zuma protests.

Slow-moving trucks also obstructed traffic on major highways.

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