#AntiZumaMarches: PE youth call on Zuma to resign

The Zuma Era
Port Elizabeth – As South Africans came together in a series of protests across the country on Friday calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down, the youth in Port Elizabeth made their dissatisfaction with Zuma heard at a peaceful protest rally attended by thousands of residents.

The peaceful protest action organised under the #SaveSouthAfrica banner was attended by both young children holding up placards and elderly people in wheelchairs. Residents of Nelson Mandela Bay gathered in their numbers at Vuyisile Mini Square calling for Zuma's head. There was a jovial atmosphere in the air while crowds danced and sang to South African music.

Speaking at the rally, 17-year-old Olwethu Mboniswa emotionally poured her heart out and broke down in tears while airing her grievances on the current state of the country.

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The streets of Port Elizabeth were flooded with anti-Zuma protesters on Friday.Young and old turned up in Port Elizabeth on Friday to protest against President Jacob Zuma.Save SA protesters demand that President Jacob Zuma step down.The placards caried a clear anti-Zuma message as protesters gathered in Port Elizabeth.A vast crowd protests against President Jacob Zuma in Port Elizabeth.Angry protestors in Port Elizabeth demand that President Jacob Zuma leave office,

"As part of the youth of South Africa what is happening in our country leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. This is not what our parents fought for, this is not what our grandparents fought for, lives were lost and blood was shed for the democracy we have today," Mboniswa said.

With the tears streaming down her face she said that the president should not be allowed "to dismantle our democracy".

"We cannot let one man put his greed over the people, the people come first and always come first. This is a man who no longer knows the difference between right and wrong. He does not care about the people. We have let this go on for too long and we can no longer stand by and watch our country go to the dogs," she said.

"We will not be silenced, we will not be intimidated and we will not allow corruption to rule over our beautiful land. Amandla! Amandla!" Law graduate Sicelo Sidloyi pleaded with Zuma to put the youth "first".

"Mr President please put our interests first. I felt it was necessary for me to stand here as part of the legal fraternity. I could not sit down and watch our country burn while our democratic institutions are being undermined, our judiciary being intimidated and our poor people being undermined. South Africa belongs to all Zuma must fall," said Sidloyi.

Event organiser and prominent Port Elizabeth businessman Khusta Jack was also brought to tears at some stage during the event and had to be consoled by friends. Jack called on the masses to mobilise on Freedom Day April 27 and said that an event would be held at Dan Qeqe Stadium in Zwide.

George Georgiou from Father's House Church appealed to the ruling party to show "character" and recall Zuma.

"You've done it before. We were patient then but now we know why. Why are you delaying? Recall him. Put away your fancy cars and fancy houses go to your desks and do some work. I'm convinced in any political party in every political party even in the ruling political party there is a better man for the job. It will not be difficult to find one, show us you have character!"he said to a cheering crowd.

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