Passengers aboard missing plane named

A list of the identified passengers aboard Air France Flight 447, which disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris carrying 228 people...

  • Luiz Roberto Anastacio, 50; Brazilian; president for South America, Michelin
  • Aisling Butler, 26; Irish, of Roscrea, Ireland; doctor
  • Brad Clemes, 49; Canadian from Guelph, Ontario; Coca-Cola executive
  • Arthur Coakley, 61; British; structural engineer for PDMS
  • Jane Deasy, 27; Irish; doctor
  • Pedro Luis de Orleans e Braganca, 26; Brazilian; descendent of Brazil's last emperor
  • Antonio Gueiros; Brazilian; information systems director, Michelin
  • Michael Harris, 60; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana; geologist
  • Anne Harris; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Erich Heine, 41; South African-born; member of executive board of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG
  • Claus-Peter Hellhammer, 28; employee of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG based in Germany
  • Giovanni Battista Lenzi, Trentino area, Italy
  • Zoran Markovic, 45; Croatian, from Kostelji, Croatia; sailor
  • Christine Pieraerts; French; engineer at Michelin
  • Eithne Walls, 29; Irish; doctor
  • Rino Zandonai; Trentino area, Italy.
  • Luigi Zortea; Trentino area, Italy. - Sapa-AP