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Beer brewers in a froth over ‘Lite’ labels

What’s in the packaging? A lot it would seem, as Castle Lite accuses Amstel Lite of copying its design and confusing customers.

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Battle of Nations wows spinning fans

Peeling tyre treads, rubber smoke and incredible walk-out stunts were the order of the day at the Battle of the Nations.

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Widow miners still seek the truth

Lonmin’s jobs will never replace the loss of their loved ones, but desperate Marikana moms keep on toiling. Thabiso Thakali reports

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Countdown to Ball of HOPE 2015
HOPE Cape Town is counting down to its annual fundraising dinner, the Ball of HOPE, held at the Westin Cape Town on 16 May 2015 from 7pm  onwards.  The event is co-hosted ...