Dig uncovers King David's palace - claim

Jerusalem - Israeli archaeologists claim to have uncovered what they believe may be the fabled palace of the biblical King David during secret excavations in east Jerusalem.

The ruins of a palace were uncovered over around 30 metres in Silwan, the oldest site in Jerusalem, archaeology professor Gabriel Barkai told AFP on Friday.

The palace itself is thought to be 30 centuries old.

Archaeologists found on a slightly more recent layer the seal in ancient Hebrew of a notable mentioned in the Old Testament's book of Jeremiah.

The project was funded by the ultranationalist Shalem center, whose chief archaeologist Eliat Mazar claims the palace could be the mythical palace given to King David by the King of Tyre to thank him for his wars against the Philistines.

However, other Israeli archaeologists have contested her claim. - Sapa-AFP

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