Anthem outrage grows

Ras Dumisani had to weather further criticism on Monday over his rendition of South Africa's national anthem, with the Congress of the People calling his performance a "vocal misfire".

"It looked as though it came right out of the blooper reel of a reality TV singing show," the party said.

Ras Dumisani singing the national anthem

This follows the Young Communist League of SA's condemnation of the performance ahead of the South Africa vs France game in, Toulouse, France.

"What concerns us more is that Ras did not know the lyrics of the anthem, especially the English/Afrikaans version, and sang the entire anthem out of note creating a mockery of a song that is supposed to be the pride of our nation," said the league, suggesting the Mtunzini-born singer restrict his performances to the shower.

They demanded an apology from the French Rugby Federation and said the department of arts and culture and international relations should compile a list of people who could sing the anthem to avoid future embarrassment, especially ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Ras Dumisani performing one of his own songs

They also called on the education department to make sure children learn the anthem and for mandatory singing at morning assemblies

It was reported that Dumisani blamed the sound equipment. He had complained about it during the sound check but nothing was done.

"It was war, it was definitely war. If you can't hear yourself, then it is not possible to sing," he wrote in response to a question posted on Facebook.

Dumisani is also on the receiving end of a Facebook site drumming up support for him not sing again. - Sapa

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