Johannesburg – Davis Cup stalwart Rik De Voest says he hopes to be included in the South African tennis team to face Monaco in the upcoming Euro/Africa Group two Davis Cup tie.

South Africa will host the event, from January 31 to February 2, at the Irene Country Club in Pretoria, where de Voest honed his skills as a youngster.

“It would be amazing to play a Davis Cup tie at Irene Country Club,” De Voest said.

“We moved to Irene in 1984 and my parents joined the club. This is where I had my first introduction to tennis and I fondly remember hitting balls with my dad with a wooden racket. Effectively, this is where my tennis all started.

“Now, nearing the end phase of my tennis career and with my long history with the club, it would be extra special to play a Davis Cup tie at Irene Country Club where it all began for me.”

After De Voest turned professional, the Irene Country Club became involved in a tennis initiative with the local farm school. De Voest gave the project his full support.

“Over the years I have been lucky enough to see the growth of this program and follow the success of the players who have passed through it.

“I have always donated all my used tennis rackets and clothing and footwear to the programme.”

South Africa and Monaco were expected to name their sides for the tie in mid-January. – Sapa