My favourite place: Nambitha "Lady Nam" Ben-Mazwi


Actress Nambitha "Lady Nam" Ben-Mazwi, 28, is sizzling up the screens as Nandi in TV series Madiba alongside Laurence Fishburne. We speak to her about her favourite places in the world.

Where do you stay? Sunninghill

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Actress and TV host Nambitha "Lady Nam" Ben-Mazwi shared some of her favourite places with us.She loves visiting Egypt. Picture: Layover Guide.Her favourite view is the Mr Purple Rooftop Bar, Lower East Side in New York City.

What do you buy? Coffee from around the world.

Best walk around the city? I truly love the energy and creativity of Maboneng.

Any must visit spots? Cairo, Egypt. If it's not for the truly authentic sovereignty of the people, you must experience the culture shock of the Arab speaking locals and climb inside the pyramids in Giza.

What is your favourite view? Mr Purple Rooftop Bar, Lower East Side, New York City.

What do you do on a free afternoon? After a morning of hiking at my favourite trail, Hennop in Magaliesburg, I love having a picnic at the trail with some mimosas! Also, brunch is always a good idea.

Best place for cocktails. Landmark Bar, Bryanston

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