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Johannesburg - Low-cost carrier FlySafair has just completed a set of negotiations to ensure global availability of their tickets. Customers and travel agents from around the world will now be able to book flights on FlySafair, and make payments in their local currency.

These agreements will also make FlySafair booking available to local travel agents servicing corporate and leisure travellers in South Africa.

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Kirby Gordon, head of Sales and Distribution at FlySafair.

“Our global roll-out will take place in two phases,” explains Kirby Gordon, head of Sales and Distribution at FlySafair.

The first phase concerns an agreement with Hahn Air Systems, a distribution network which will make FlySafair tickets available to travel agents around the entire globe.

“These tickets will carry a slightly higher distribution cost,” explains Gordon, “But the strategy behind this distribution channel is to cast our net wide to the far flung corners of the globe.” These tickets are due to be available in October this year.

The second phase of the global roll-out will entail distribution via two global distribution systems called Amadeus and Galileo. These are the two most popular Global Distribution Systems with local travel agents in South Africa.

“This second phase will allow us to offer a more competitive product in our local markets,” explains Gordon. These systems are expected to be online in late November.

“We’ve grown extensively in the local market and it’s time for us to spread our wings beyond the local boarders,” explains Gordon. Statistics from SA Tourism revealed that Total International Tourist Arrival figures between January and June 2016 had increased by 18.6 percent on the same period in 2015.

Specific growth areas included the number of tourists arriving from Asia and the Middle East, with these numbers increasing by 40.7 percent and 37.5 percent respectively. Particularly strong increases were recorded for visitors coming from Argentina, China, Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia.

“It’s been widely reported that there is excess seat capacity in the local market, which is great for local fliers because it tends to keep fares low, so it’s key that we as an industry support international tourism too,” says Gordon.

Adapted from a press release for IOL

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