London - A daredevil travel photographer has captured breathtaking images showing inside a breaking wave.

Surfer Clark Little, 44, drags his strobe lights, cameras and lenses out into the sea in a bid to land the perfect picture.

He tours around the world photographing some of the world’s biggest waves breaking on beautiful backdrops.

And the Hawaii-born photographer is celebrating his work by releasing them in a new book, Shorebreak, boasting more than 100 stunning photographs, from Hawaii, California and Japan.

One image, titled Ouch, shows the bravery of Little in his quest for the perfect photo as he waits with anticipation as a barrel wave big enough to hold a cover comes down to break on water just two-foot deep.

Also taken in Oahu was the photograph Tunnel 2 Paradise, where Little threw himself down on the sand as the wave pitches over to create an opening with a sunset view in the distance.

And Chariots of Fire shows a glassy California barrel wave breaking during sunset on Newport Beach.

Shorebreak, featuring more than 160 jaw-dropping pages, can be purchased from – Daily Mail