The travel industry is abuzz with buzz words as babymoons, flashpacking and glamping emerge as new age rivals to the humble holiday package.

While most travellers are still happy to book a “holiday” or “vacation”, numerous variations on the terms are emerging in South Africa and overseas to describe particular styles of getaways.

Flight Centre’s marketing manager, Deanne Grove, gives readers the low down on what these new terms mean.

Babymoons: Babymoons are holidays for mums and dads-to-be take before the baby arrives. Rest, relaxation and pampering – all within easy reach of home – are normally the priorities for babymooners.

Buddymoons: On a buddymoon, you and the love of your life say “I do” and enjoy the honeymoon in the company of friends and family.

Daycations: These getaways are popular options for those who can’t afford the time or money to go away overnight or longer. In short, you stay for the day.

Flashpacking: Forget the dormitory, flashpacking is upmarket backpacking.

Frightseeing: Frightseeing involves taking part in a tours or daytrips that have a darker side.

Glamping: Glamping is glamorous camping. You may stay in a tent, but the facilities are generally five-star and go way beyond what you would normally expect on a camping trip.

Mancations: Mancations are vacations specifically for men. Key features may include sport events, fishing or adventure.

Palidays: On a paliday, you bypass hotels by staying with friends or family.

Set-jetting: Set-jetting is travelling to locations that were once the setting for films.

Staycations: The term staycation emerged during the recession to describe a holiday at home. Popular past-times on staycations include visits to the backyard pool, the local shopping mall or a drive in the country.

Voluntourism: Volunteering is an increasing popular holiday choice for generation Y. Voluntourism basically involves giving something back by volunteering during a holiday.

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