Barbie has her own café


Taipei, Taiwan - Tea, tutus and an overdose of pink are prominent on the menu at a just-opened Taipei café dedicated to all things Barbie.

Aficionados of the world’s most famous doll can now gather to feast on light meals and an array of desserts adorned with the Barbie logo while seated at pink tables on chairs decorated with pink corsets and frothy tutus – pink, of course.

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Pink chairs with corsets and tutus.Girls look at dolls on display at the Barbie-themed caf�Employees serve customers themed food and drink.A worker decorates a Barbie doll cake.A plate of desserts, some with the Barbie logo.A waitress poses with the menu.Customers eat dessert during the media preview of the caf�

“Every little girl has a Barbie in childhood,” said Henry Chiu, president of the Sinlaku Taiwan company and the owner of the café. “Barbie is a dream for a little girl. We want to make girls’ dreams come true and build a fantasy world for them.”

The store opened in the Taiwanese capital last week after years of preparation and an investment of more than $1.7 million (R15.2m) – the first such café authorised by US Barbie-maker Mattel.

Fans were quick with their praise.

“I feel like a Barbie doll in a fairy-tale world, I feel like a princess,” said Shiao Yu, a 30-year-old housewife on a visit to the café. “It’s very dreamy.”

A typical repast, offered at lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, costs $10(R90) and gives at least a nod to health-consciousness.

“The menu is designed to show the calories of each dish,” said He Chia-ling, 28, who works in marketing.

“So office ladies like us can eat and still be fit and healthy like Barbie.” – Reuters

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