Feline fans prowl Tokyo’s streets

Tokyo - Scores of cat enthusiasts painted their faces and dressed up in elaborate and colourful feline costumes to celebrate Japan's annual ghost cat festival, Bakeneko.

Cat lovers danced and played music as they paraded through the Tokyo neighbourhood, Kagurazaka, for the festival that traditionally precedes Halloween on Oct 31.

Participants dressed as ghost cats, attend an annual ghost cat Bakeneko festival in Tokyo.Participants wearing animal masks, attend an annual ghost cat Bakeneko festival in Tokyo.

The neighbourhood is the main location in the satirical novel, I Am A Cat, by popular author Natsume Soseki.

“Kagurazaka is a town known for cats and because Halloween is getting close, we decided to celebrate Halloween, autumn and cats town all together in one parade,” said designer, Okameya Yuko, who organised the festival.