London - A Belgian enthusiast has created one of the world’s weirdest and most wonderful hotels where you can spend the night inside a Trojan horse or even sleep with a mermaid.

La Balade Des Gnomes, near the picturesque town of Durbuy, in Belgium, offers guests a unique experience where they can unwind in an imaginary world.

The fairytale resort comprises extraordinarily unique bedrooms, from a spaceship in a lunar landscape to a troll’s habitat complete with running stream and goldfish.

You can even share a room with a mermaid floating in a pool on a yacht.

The owner, Dominique Noel, took inspiration from the four corners of the world and created the innovative abode in an unassuming farmhouse.

Noel, an architect, said: “The hotel was created by people who have a strong interest in nature. It is built from completely natural materials and celebrates the simplicity of modern times. I wanted the hotel to be almost imaginary, with a youthful essence and work harmoniously with nature.”

La Balade Des Gnomes was built to complement Noel’s restaurant, La Gargouille, which is conveniently placed next door. Noel charges between £50 (R683) and £125 a night for the rooms which he believes, offer them a unique staying experience. – Daily Mail