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Letter from the editor
Our country is in a state of flux, desperately seeking to invent a new national culture, one that unites our rainbow nation while allowing vibrant individual cultures to flourish. It is The Star's task to be the guiding light for our nation, inspired by our leaders and readers.

We will be supportive of the good, teach tolerance of everyone's best attempts, kindly in criticism but preaching intolerance of crime in communities or corruption in governance.

On our front page, in our centre pages, in sports columns, business reports and in our letters columns, we will promote the positive aspects of our society, guide ourselves and others towards a better nation built upon fundamental human rights. We will rally against racism and sexism wherever it occurs, but we will try to change attitudes gently - not with brash and strident shrieking. We will be tolerant even of our rivals, turning away carping criticism by showing consistent quality in our journalism, sticking to the truth whatever the cost in popularity.

On all issues we will give guidance. We trust our ability to involve readers, debate the country's leaders, extract the best thinking from academics, stir in the thoughts of people on the streets, offices and houses of South Africa's biggest city, mix in good ideas from our rainbow nation before offering The Star as a clear and present guiding light to a better, prouder, united South African society.

Moegsien Williams
Editor, The Star