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Men, don’t bottle it up - speak out

A man who attempted suicide twice has urged other men to stop bottling up their problems and start speaking out.

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Sarcasm can boost creativity (yeah, really)

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but psychologists have found that it makes people more creative.

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How much water to drink?

Your body will tell you how much water you need, but don't overdo it or ignore the alerts, writes Alexandra Phelan.

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Hunter sees what it’s like to be prey

Walter Palmer is learning what it means to be the prey of a force larger and more powerful than himself, writes Louis Theroux.

Celebrating Mandela Day
CHILDREN’S WARD TRANSFORMED  IN CELEBRATION OF MANDELA DAY The children’s ward at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Umtata, has been transformed into a bright and com ...