iol news pic Environmental Affairs green building

Energy-smart building impresses

President Jacob Zuma has officially opened the Department of Environmental Affairs’ new “green” building headquarters.

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IOL FRANS Seroba (46170226)
Indepedent Media

Double-murder accused sent for psych exams

Frans Seroba, the man accused of the double murder of his wife and sister-in-law, will face a possible trial next year.

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IOL ANCscorecard
Independent Media

ANC slates Gauteng scorecard ‘bias’

The DA said that the ANC in Gauteng is building an activist government that promotes activist citizenry.

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Moving the Palestinian struggle forwa ...

Ismail Coovadia talks to Janet Smith about the issues around Mahmoud Abbas's visit to SA and why Abbas matters

Help needed to make Christmas boxes a reality
I am hosting a Christmas party for 2000 children and 200 Seniors on the 11/12/2014 and I am desperately looking for any assistance anybody can give me. One of the areas I ...