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Pikitup clean-up is slow to start

Despite promises by Pikitup what garbage would be removed, most of the city’s streets remained covered in litter.

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Star Wars toys aren't just for boys

Walt Disney has what could be its most formidable heroine ever. She could be a merchandising juggernaut, too. [VIDEOS]

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Crash wipes out 13 family members

Moshe Moeletsi was supposed to join his family on the church outing that ended in a deadly taxi crash.

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Time Pirates press rest button

“We have to bounce back,” said Eric Tinkler after Orlando Pirates relived the horror of reaching a continental cup final, only to ...

World AIDS Day:Testing and Treatment
1.What is an HIV test? A HIV test is a test that reveals whether HIV is present in the body. Commonly-used HIV tests detect the antibodies produced by the immune system i ...