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INTERNATIONAL - Hotel Partners Africa, has announced that the African Hotel Report 2017 will be launched at the African Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in October.

This will be a comprehensive report regarding the hotel market in Africa and will be covering 44 countries.

The said report analyses how values of hotels have changed across the continent and it will also report on key trends.

Some highlights of this report are:

1. 75% of all countries have seen increases in the value of hotels over the last two years.

2. The average growth in hotel values across the continent over the last two years was 6.4%.

3. 50% of all countries saw hotel values increase at a greater rate than all other property classes.

4. Africa still has a shortage of branded bedrooms with only 134 bedrooms per million people, compared with 4,325 per million across the Americas or 2,533 across Europe.

5. 10 countries saw hotel values grow by 8% per annum or more over the last 8 years.

According to a statement by Hotel Partners Africa, the report is a country by country guide and discusses the main hospitality opportunities.

"When released it will rank the countries by value of hotels, as well as by annual change in values, on a country by country basis and on a region by region basis," Hotel Partners Africa the stated.

Head of Property Services for Hotel Partners Africa, David Harper FRICS will be speaking on security issues and how they impact the hospitality industry.

However, the report has a recommended retail price of $1,495 but will be available at no cost to delegates of the AHIF.

"This report shows that the hotel industry in Africa is still a very good investment, despite the cyclical nature of the property market. However, good advice is vital to help ensure you make the most of this very promising investment opportunity and avoid some of the potential pitfalls that can ensnare the less experienced hotel investor," Harper said.

Chairman of Bench Events, which organises AHIF, Jonathan Worsley concluded, "This report will be essential reading for anyone contemplating investing in hotels in Africa. David’s offer of a free copy for all delegates is a great value-add for those attending AHIF and assessing the investment climate in Africa."