Deputy Editor in Chief of media of Sputnik Dimitrii Gornostaev. Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of media of Sputnik Dimitrii Gornostaev said at the #BRICSMEDIA Forum that he is championing shared content among BRICS nations.

Shared content among BRICS nations will foster welfare and development, said Gornostaev.

Gornostaev told delegates that Sputnik has combined with China to create a platform called China Main news that allows journalists from Russia and China to share modern content.

The China Main News platform is a great example of how BRICS nations can share content in this new digital space.

The media chief said that that it is vital to bring journalists together, to foster growth, develop new ideas and develop our mindset.

It is important to get media houses together and to build a bridge within BRICS nations. Gornostaev concluded that he is pushing forward a way where media houses from every BRICS nation work together to share and publish content easily and through innovative tech means.