JOHANNESBURG - UK broadband research companies and BDRC Continental recently released data from a new study that compared various global broadband packages. The research was conducted between 18 August and 12 October 2017 and over 3 000 broadband packages were compared. 

In creating the ranking scale, researchers first determined the primary fixed-line telecoms providers for each individual country.

Not surprisingly, it was revealed that Sub-Saharan Africa has some of the "most expensive" broadband packages in the world from the 31 countries measured. The global average dollar prices of broadband packages was then ranked and South Africa ranked at 97 out of 196 countries, with broadbrand packages averaging at R775.96.

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The data also revealed that Iran currently offers some of the cheapest broadband in Asia and the world, with an average package price of R74.51. In comparison, Burkina Faso has some of the most expensive broadband in the world, averaging at a whopping R13 340 per month.

Within the Western European region, Italy is still cheapest with an average package price of R400.96 per month, followed by Germany at R472.85 and Denmark at R498.41.

Canada comes in 21 positions ahead of the United states in the North American region, with a broadband average of R462.28 while the US averages at R918.15.

The image below shows the global average cost of broadband per month 

* Image: