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CAPE TOWN -15 members of Forbes Coaches Council have shared their advice on how best to prepare for situational interview questions. 

Situational interview answers are 55% predictive of how employees will behave on the job in future, according to a report by the University of Delaware. 

According to the members, these are the best ways to prepare for these predictive interview questions:

1.Identify your proudest moments

Interviewers search for real experience and your response to it. You can prepare for this by ascertaining your real life achievements and think about what you have learnt from these experiences said Kathy Bernhard from KFB Leadership Solutions, reports Forbes. 

2. Research, Practice And Repeat

The first step is to research various sectors and their interview strategies. You can also request for tips from others who may have previously worked for the company, said Emily Kapit from ReFresh Your Step LLC, reports Forbes. 

3. Learn The STAR Technique

The STAR technique stands for situation, task, action and result.

Kenneth Johnson from East Coast Executives says that situational interview questions are distinctly and interviewees response should focus on one thought which is that past performance is indicative of future behaviour, reports Forbes. 

4. Use The CPR Approach

Using the CPR approach means that you should make sure that your responses are clear, purposeful and relevant, said Kimberly Ferguson from K-Ferg Training, reports Forbes. 

5. Write Down Your Answers

Jenn Lefgren from Incito Executive & Leadership Development said that when you write down your answers, you set out the entire story and this ensures that you entirely answer the question, reports Forbes. 

6. Know Your Strengths And Core Values

It is important to know your strength and this way, you are able to leverage them, says Tonyalynne Wildhaber from The Courage Practice, reports Forbes. 

7. Pick The Right Practice Partner

Practice is essential and this should be done with someone who will challenge you and pose good questions, says Donald Hatter from Donald Hatter Inc, reports Forbes. 

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8. Verbalize Your Thought Process

Interviwers want to know your thought process, says Kari Price from The Art of Being a BOSS

9. Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Employers want to know how you deal with failure and it is okay to admit when you did not perform well. However, a life lesson should be learnt from every failure, says LaKisha Greenwade from Lucki Fit LLC, reports Forbes. 

10. Don’t Forget To Pause

Maresa Friedman from Executive Cat Herder said that she hires candidates who take a minute to answer cohesively and also give themselves time to think, reports Forbes. 

11. Be Honest With Yourself

Nader Mowlaee from Career Recovery Academy says that it is important to accept yourself. 

12. Think Creatively, Be Authentic

Kiran Gaind from The Connected Family says that interviewees should be true to themselves when answering questions, reports Forbes. 

13. Be Specific

Barbara Safani from Career Solvers says that you should be specific in answering questions about yourself. Also, make reference to what you contribute to a company and how you can be an asset, reports Forbes. 

14. Cast Yourself As The Hero

Situational interviews positions you as the hero, says John O’Connor from Career Pro Inc. People should use this to their advantage, reports Forbes. 

15. Know Your Stories

Laura DeCarlo from Career Directors International says that robust answers stem from knowing your stories extensively, reports Forbes. 

Meanwhile, Business Report reported in 2016 how interviewees can land the job with simple tips. 

According to Mary van Apeldoorn, who has many years of experience in the recruiting industry, there are some easy rules to follow.

She said that interviewees should first Google search the company. 

Then, they should prepare possible questions they may want to ask during the interview. 

She added that presentation is important and one should always look elegant and professional and also reflect an approachable and friendly demeanor.  

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