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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Earth Day: 7 green energy jobs of the future

These jobs will become highly sought after in the coming years. Picture:

These jobs will become highly sought after in the coming years. Picture:

Published Apr 22, 2022


Durban - Under the Paris Agreement (an international treaty created with the goal of keeping global temperature rise below 2°C) the number of green or renewable energy jobs worldwide will have to increase four times, to 42 million, by 2050.

This means these jobs will become highly sought after in the coming years.

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Energy Efficiency Consultant

An energy efficiency consultant analyses data from energy reports and develops recommendations for reducing energy, electricity, fuel or water usage.

This professional may work with the public sector; advise businesses, or even local residents.

Energy Transition Technical Specialist

This expert is responsible for developing and delivering clean energy alternatives, and solutions as well as fossil fuel reduction plans.

As the world transitions towards more sustainable energy sources, these specialists will be amongst those leading this change.

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Electric vehicle worker

An electric vehicle worker works with engineers in the design and manufacture of electric vehicles.

They perform corrective and preventive maintenance on their cars, and their components.

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Solar panel installer

South Africa gets loads of sunshine, making solar power perfect for most of the country.

This professional installs and services solar panels on buildings and land to ensure that they efficiently convert solar power into renewable energy.

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This job requires agility as most of the work is done outdoors, on roof tops.

Urban farmers

An urban farmer cultivates, processes and distributes food in or around urban areas.

Urban farming will help people who live in urban areas to have access to fresh, locally produced food, while reducing transport-related emissions.

Since urban farmers have limited space compared to their traditional, rural counterparts, they have to come up with innovative solutions to get their food to grow whilst using a limited amount of energy and water.

Nuclear engineer

These engineers design or develop nuclear equipment such as reactor cores and radiation shielding.

They are responsible for maintaining the activities of operational nuclear power plants to ensure that they meet safety standards.

Soil and plant scientist

These scientists research the composition of soil to see how it affects plant growth.

They study the breeding and cultivating of plants, as well as the yield that crops produce at the end of the growing season.

With desertification occurring at a rapid rate due to climate change on the continent, these professionals will become crucial in making sure that we still have access to food.

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