African News Agency signs strategic partnership with TV BRICS

Published May 24, 2018


CAPE TOWN - The African News Agency (ANA) on Thursday signed a historic partnership with TV BRICS to promote cultural exchange, and to distribute African content amongst the people of the BRICS nations.

TV BRICS chief executive Pavel Pautov said that modern media, including social media, were being developed by revolutionary methods but all were formed on the quality content bases, which might be distributed in both traditional and new media.

“TV BRICS and ANA join their cooperative efforts in order to provide the quality television and digital product to their audiences in BRICS countries. We are thankful for this opportunity to establish a relationship with such a recognised media partner as ANA.”

The signing of the partnership comes on the eve of South Africa hosting a series of BRICS events in July. These include the 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg and the BRICS Business Council and 3rd BRICS Film Festival in Durban.

Pavel Pautov (left), CEO of TV BRICS, signs the agreement with Amit Makan CEO of ANA Video. PHOTO: Courtney Africa/ANA

Commenting on the partnership, Grant Fredericks, ANA chief executive, said that the ANA-TV BRICS partnership was part of a strategic alignment in terms of providing a broad base of viewpoints and further fostering important international exchange co-operation agreements.

The five areas of co-operation include joint content production, joint multimedia platforms, experience exchange and human resource training, joint festivals and competitions, and content and information exchange.

The total estimated population of BRICS countries is three billion, including nearly 1,5 billion internet users, making this an important opportunity to communicate with this audience.

Amit Makan, chief executive of ANA Video, said: "This strategic content partnership between TV BRICS and the African News Agency (ANA) will be of immense benefit to South African, African and BRICS audiences in the broadcast and online television space, and will deepen mutual respect, cultural exchange, and understanding amongst the people of the BRICS nations. Furthermore, it is in alignment and in support of South Africa's international relations policy of South-South cooperation."

TV BRICS is an initiative proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the intended goal to form a common informational space amongst BRICS countries to speed up the processes of economic development and improve the welfare of people.

On the establishment of TV BRICS, chairperson of the South African chapter of the BRICS business council, Dr. Iqbal Survé, said: "This is a significant initiative and an important step towards deepening political, economic and cultural cooperation amongst BRICS countries and of course, showing what is happening in these countries.”

The content TV BRICS is interested in includes culture, history, education, health, sport, economics and technology about and from BRICS countries. TV BRICS will be broadcast in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and English. The official launch of the international network and public TV channel TV BRICS will take place in Russia as part of the 12th BRICS Summit in 2020.

South African filmmakers and content producers with an interest in contributing short form or long form video content for distribution across TV BRICS and the African News Agency networks can contact Lola Mashabane [email protected]

- African News Agency (ANA) 

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