JOHANNESBURG – South African security company Fidelity ADT announced that it has partnered with ER24 as their new preferred partner for emergency medical assistance and advice.

Wahl Bartmann, chief executive of Fidelity Security Group said, “Providing value-added services to our core security offering is an important touch point for our customers and we are delighted to partner with such a reputable provider. ER24 operates from 59 bases throughout the country and boasts a comprehensive team of fully trained paramedics, to make sure families get the help most needed during a medical emergency or life-threatening situation.”

Bartmann said the medical support was available to customers 24 hours a day. This includes emergencies at home as well as offsite, through an innovative mobile app Fidelity ADT FindU which connects customers to armed response and medical assistance when they are out and about.

ER24’s national footprint and exceptional service record made them an ideal partner for Fidelity ADT.  

“With the partnership agreement now in place, both companies can co-ordinate and pool resources to further enhance infrastructure, improve training, bolster service quality and provide valuable assistance to customers,” he said.

Bartmann confirmed that complementary services would include telephonic trauma counselling; critical incident management and emotional support and access to emergency medical assistance. Face-to-face counselling was also available but on a pay-on-use basis.

“Unfortunately with the violent profile of crime in our country, medical support and counselling has become an increasingly integral part of our service offering,” he said.