FlySafair is offering 30% of all flights File image: IOL
DURBAN - FlySafair is at it again, offering a deal that's hard to refuse, this time they are offering consumers 30% of all flights. 

The discount is only valid for today and it applies to all the FlySafair routes.  Kirby Gordon the Head of Sales and Distribution for FlySafair said that the 30% is only applicable to the net fare of the flight and excludes other costs like airport taxes. 

The discount can also be used of the three different fare options that are available through the airline. The different fare types, lite fare, standard fare and premium fare.  According to Gordon, FlySafair does these kinds of sales to generate awareness and buzz about the airline so that people will try using their airline. 

This past May, the airline ran another sale that generated a lot of hype and buzz. For this sale, the airline was offering 30000 flight tickets for R4.  With this sale, users would be placed in a waiting room until they were granted access to the site. Once they had access, the user could purchase their ticket. 

However, angry users took to social media to express their annoyance but the airline said that the entire process was carried out fairly.  With the 30% discount sale, consumers do not have to wait in a waiting room. Instead, they can visit the site and click on the button that says BOOK NOW. 

From the can fill in all the details for the flight that you want to take and then click on search. From there a calendar will pop up and then it will show you the normal price of the flight with a line through it and the 30% discount price. 

Gordon said that they have backed up their server to ensure that their site runs smoothly. 

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