JOHANNESBURG - Nedbank customers on Friday expressed their dissatisfaction with the bank's money app as it locked them out the whole day on Friday due to "technical glitches".

Nedbank launched the banking app in November. The Money app offers a convenient way to bank by allowing customers to manage accounts, make instant payments, and change their credit or debit card settings from their smartphone. 

But Nedbank customers experienced the worst month-end when the app did not allow them to make any transactions on their phone since Friday morning, an important day to make payments and transact on ones smartphone. 

When one tried to login into the bank's app, it kept on rolling and ended up saying that doing maintenance to upgrade its features, and asked users to try to login later.

Thandolewthu Goba asked the bank on Twitter: "Hey Nedbank. My money app is giving me problems. I can't access my account. And it's urgent I need to use it. What do I do?"

Responding on the backlash it received from customers on social media, Nedbank said that it was "experiencing a slight technical problem but we are currently working on it". Nedbank head of investor relations, Alfred Visagie, was not immediately available for comment. 

- African News Agency (ANA)