Joanne van der Walt, Sage Foundation marketing director. Photo: LinkedIn
Joanne van der Walt, Sage Foundation marketing director. Photo: LinkedIn

PODCAST: How social responsibility impacts on employees

By Partnered Content Time of article published Jun 21, 2021

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WHEN the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, many business leaders started rethinking how their companies could serve the needs of society as a whole. For many, that meant donating to relief organisations and charities.

However, a study conducted by Sage Foundation, People Powering Change, shows this move has not only benefited the recipients of donations, but also the corporations that are giving.

According to the study, 76% of employees believe corporate philanthropy makes their organisation a more attractive place to work. Furthermore, in the aftermath of Covid-19, 92% of employees in South Africa feel it is important that their employer supports the local community.

Joanne van der Walt, Sage Foundation marketing director, indicates that “companies are taking note and recognise that volunteering can have as many benefits as possible for companies and beneficiaries.”

To some extent, corporate philanthropy has served dual purposes – it has formed part of a retention strategy for purpose-led businesses. Van der Walt indicates that “48% of South African employees see corporate philanthropy as the main driver to work for their employers, while 75% say it is their main reason for continuing to work for their current employer.”

During a time when people are less motivated, presenting ways for employees to reach out to others has also served as a great motivator. Volunteering has given people more joy at work. In conclusion, Van der Walt points out that volunteering has enabled Sage to work across teams, which would have been difficult under normal circumstances.

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