TAKING ACTION: A supermarket staff member removes all Enterprise processed meat products from its shelves after a customer returned one of them yesterday.

JOHANNESBURG - RCL Foods said on Monday its Wolwehoek processing plant had suspended all production of its Rainbow Polony brand and was in the process of recalling the product from its entire customer base over a listeriosis outbreak.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Sunday processed food manufacturers Enterprise,  a division of Tiger Brands, and Rainbow Chicken Limited had been issued with safety recall notices following the outbreak.

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RCL Foods said on Monday its Wolwehoek processing plant taking its precautionary measures "despite the fact that the results from testing of its environmental samples are still pending".

"It must be highlighted that the specific strain of pathogen responsible for the outbreak has not been linked to the Wolwehoek facility," the company said, adding that it was continuing detailed discussions and working closely with representatives from the depart of health, the department of agriculture, forests and fisheries and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases.

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-  African News Agency (ANA)