Shell provides entrepreneurs with the skills and resources to empower their communities

By Partnered Time of article published Jan 30, 2020

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Andrew Molefe started working at Shell as a petrol attendant 34 years ago. He worked himself up through the ranks and today runs his own retail site.

By developing entrepreneurs like Andrew, Shell not only uplifts these individuals and their families, but also the communities from which they come.

They achieve this through programmes which train and empower previously disadvantaged people within their business, and which provides them with the skills and resources to themselves empower other people.

#SAINC met Andrew, who is a great example of empowerment in action. Shell assisted him with setting up his business and creating awareness around it in the community. Because of this, Andrew is a wonderful role-model and inspiration to his employees.

Nation-building lies at the core of what energy giant, Shell, believes will enable progress in South Africa.

Shell believes that, in the South African context, business can’t just focus on profit. Shell believes that business has to create jobs and contribute to the economy.

From Station to Nation their nation-building programmes, are not only uplifting entrepreneurs and their communities, but are also actively supporting South Africa to a better place.

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