Social media users sent into a frenzy after Woolworths announces WCafé will be going cashless

Norwood's Woolworths Cafe. File image.

Norwood's Woolworths Cafe. File image.

Published Jan 8, 2024


Shoppers were sent into a frenzy on Monday after popular South African retailer, Woolworths posted an advert on their social media pages stating that their WCafé would go cashless for the safety of its customers.

Throughout the day, Woolworths and Woolies trended on the social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter.

Many shoppers took to the platform to express their displeasure with the store going cashless.

Take a look at some of the customers’ reactions on the social media platform below:

Business Report reached out to the popular retailer for more clarification on the matter.

In a statement sent to Business Report, Woolworths said, “Certain WCafes have been experimenting with cashless systems for a while, and various WCafés will soon accept card and digital payments only.”

“We trialled this initiative before rolling it out and saw positive feedback from customers. Before each WCafé goes cashless, signage will inform customers of the move to cashless in the weeks leading up to the change. The WCafe team will continue to monitor the progress of this shift over the coming months,” the retailer said.

Woolworths further stated, “It’s important to note that this applies to certain WCafe’s only Customers will still be able to pay for the Food, Fashion, Beauty and Home purchases with cash if they choose.”