Fujifilm South Africa has started the Rent-to-Own programme where people can rent cameras and lenses. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Fujifilm South Africa has introduced a rent-to-own programme for people who can not afford to buy a new camera. 

Through the programme, people can rent a Fujfilm product for a certain amount of time at a fee. 

Some of the Fujifilm products that are available include the Fujifilm X-series of mirrorless cameras such as the new X-T100 and X-H1. 

Plus there is a full range of lenses that you rent too. 

Customers have the following choices when registering for the programme. Here are the options:

1. Give back the equipment once the rental period expires 
2. Or continue to rent but a lower rate
3. Pay a once-off fee of R600 to completely own the equipment once the agreed upon period has ended. 

The rental period for select cameras and lenses is 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 

If a customer wants to join the Fujifilm Rent-to-Own programme then they must fill in an online application. Some of the requirements of the application include the copy of your ID, payslip, proof of address and three months bank statements. 

The Rent-to-Own programme will calculate the actual cost of the rent per month and there is an option to add a deposit to lower the monthly cost. 

Eslie Basson, the National Sales Manager at Fujifilm South Africa, said that the programme has been created to provide photographers with options that are suitable to their pockets.

"Now they can pay as little as R350 a month on certain products to get what they want," said Basson. 

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