Golden Arrow bus Photo: Kurt Engel

CAPE TOWN - Travelling home after work has now become a daily struggle for Cape Flats passengers, causing chaos at Golden Arrow Bus operations in Cape Town.

The massive labour force from the Cape Flats region was left with no choice but to take buses or taxis since the Central Line route was suspended early in January.

This was due to Metrorail's infrastructure problem, vandalism, and violence, in which a security guard was shot dead in Khayelitsha train station in January 2018. 

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Golden Arrow had initially agreed with Metrorail to transport train users who had valid monthly and weekly tickets (only at off-peak hours), while the Central Line is suspended.

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Golden Arrow spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said the agreement between the two parties is no longer in place and as a result commuters have to now buy bus tickets.

"We have seen a major increase in passengers on Central Line routes. Golden Arrow is operating at capacity during peak and the influx of Metrorail passengers placed a strain on our operations during peak hours. We have had requests to add more buses on certain routes but unfortunately we simply do not have any extra buses," Dyke-Beyer said.

Frustrated commuters are bound to be aggressive and forceful in order for them to board the buses through ill-managed queues.

Metrorail train users are still clueless as to when their reliable transport will be back on track.

The regional manager for Metrorail, Richard Walker said their priority is getting the Central Line back up and running.

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Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott has confirmed that while the central service is suspended, stations are closed on the Bishop Lavis; Chris Hani and Kapteinsklip routes. "No tickets will be sold whatsoever and commuters are requested to utilise their cash to find alternative modes of transport."

This non-functional route has also badly affected the regular taxi passengers. 

The taxi industry is now experiencing longer passenger queues and as a result, are finding it difficult to control them.

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