(Xinhua/He Canling)
CAPE TOWN - Cosatu calls on all national sports matches to be televised live on SABC TV, including the Springboks international games.

In a statement, the federation claims that not everyone in South Africa can afford DSTV, even the poor communities must be afforded the opportunity to see national sports matches. "The fact is that our national matches must inspire our young children from all communities to want to be part of the national team and want to play the game," the statement reads.

Cosatu says South African Rugby Union or any sporting code must not be allowed to deny South Africans from seeing international games featuring sportsman and woman. 

Cosatu condemns the immoral behaviour by the leaders for allowing such things to happen, stating that leader's patriotism is now overridden by greed for money. 

Cosatu has disclosed that it will embark on a campaign against DSTV and SARU, intending to boycott DSTV and disrupt all national games that are part of the present Rugby series if their demands are not met by 25 September 2017.