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CAPE TOWN -  A job with a great salary is possible, even without a university degree. 

Take a look at four jobs that do not require a university degree and pays six figures. 

Flight attendant

This occupation does not require a university degree. To become a licensed flight attendant, a course can be done over a period of six to twelve months.

South African college, Damelin offers a Cabin Crew certificate. This is a one year course with full time classes. Alternatively, interested candidates can

complete a six week course at Aviation Training School, Cranfield Aviation Training. Salaries for flight attendants in South Africa range from R133 081 to

R358 396 annually. Interestingly, South African Airways (SAA) cabin crew earn on average R150 000 annually. Parent company of, Comair

similarly remunerates its cabin crew R152 423 annually. However, high pay is associated with flight attendant posts in the Middle East. Airlines which

operate in the Middle East include British Airways, Emirates, Qatar and Ethihad Airways. 


Developers usually specialise in a specific area. For example, some developers specialise in Java, iOS, Android or PHP. A university degree is not required

for this occupation although some developers do possess a diploma. To become a developer, a course can be done at a training college such as CTU

training solutions. 

Qualifications obtained from this training colleges are national certificates. 

Alternatively, this is also a skill that can be self-taught online.

Salaries for developers in South Africa range from R274 930 to 561 914 annually. 

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Digital Marketer

Digital marketing techniques include search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media, amongst others. 

Majority of digital developers have a diploma in digital marketing. A digital marketing diploma can be completed with the University of Cape Town's (UCT's)

short course program, GetSmarter.

This course is online-based and requires a minimum of 10 hours per week.

This occupation is well-sought after and salaries for digital marketers in South Africa range from R265 680 to R479 666 a year. 

Real Estate Agent

To become a qualified real estate agent do not require a university degree but rather a license, the applicant must do a specified amount of classroom hours

additionally. Thereafter, a licensing exam can be completed. Real estate agents earn based on the number of property's they sell. A real estate certification

can be obtained by completing set requirements. This includes a 12 month internship with a registered agency. This is followed by a FETC Real Estate NQF

Level 4  qualification. Candidates will then write a Professional Designate Exam (PDE) at Level 4. 

Finally, an intern logbook is completed, as per The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAA). Private Property, Rawson and Pam Golding are among the registered

Real Estate Agents in South Africa. On average, real estate agents in South Africa can earn from R120 000 to R240 000 on average per year. 

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