1215 litres is the amount of petrol that can be purchased with one salary in South Africa according to a report by the Picodi Analysis Team. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA)

DURBAN - 1215 litres is the amount of petrol that can be purchased with  the average South African salary according to a report by the Picodi analysis Team. 

In the report, the Picodi Analysis Team looked at the amount of litres of petrol that can be bought with the average wage in South Africa and other African countries.  

For the report, Picodi researched the average fuel price in the first half of 2019 and cross-referenced it with the average wages in the respective countries.

The study showed that having a rich supply of natural resources does not guarantee that petrol will be accessible to the average consumer. 

Algeria is the country where the cheapest petrol can be found on the African continent. 

In the north African state, on average for one litre you could would pay 35 cents (converted from dinars). 

In comparison, filling petrol is the most expensive in Mauritius where the average price for a litre is $1.33 (R18,47).

According to the report, the best ratio of petrol price to the average salary in the African continent can be seen in South Africa. 

In second place and third place for the best ratio between litres of  petrol and the average salary is Namibia and Algeria with 986 litres and 777 litres respectively. 

Countries like Uganda, Cameroon and Zambia fall lower in the rankings. In these countries, the average salary cannot purchase more than 200 litres of petrol. Madagascar is lowest on the rankings where a person can only buy 42 litres with the average salary.