Anyone looking to expand their culinary horizons beyond steak and potatoes or spaghetti may find inspiration in a new application (app) that provides recipes based on what is already stocked in the refrigerator.

Gojee, for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices, aims to inspire food lovers by providing recipes that incorporate particular ingredients, rather than for an exact dish.

Lobster lovers can swipe through full-screen photos and recipes for dishes such as lobster carpaccio, butter-poached lobster with fresh tomatoes, or lobster macaroni and cheese with truffles.

“Its biggest value is in a new way to cook something, whether it’s chicken or pork or turkey or fish. Often the way it’s prepared is what is unique,” said Michael Lavalle, co-founder and chief executive of Gojee.

The app aims to replicate the experience of being in a restaurant, where a diner might see a tantalising dish zoom by and decide that it is worth ordering.

“You didn’t need to see 15 data points to have a hunch it was going to be good,” Lavalle said.

Gojee has fewer filters than other recipe services, but there is the option to filter out recipes that include particular ingredients, which Lavalle said was helpful for people with allergies.

The service includes over 10 000 recipes from approximately 300 food bloggers worldwide. For cocktail lovers, there is also a separate drinks section. – Reuters