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CAPE TOWN - Some jobs compensate their employees with swelling salaries, with some of these top-end jobs paying employees as much as R6 million per annum, reports Business Tech. 

Recruitment agency for software developers, OfferZen's 2018 report analyses the salary for developers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

According to the report, a junior developer, working in Johannesburg earns an average of R22 000 while a Cape Town graduate earns 14% more. 

However, Johannesburg compensates senior developers more than Cape Town. A senior developer with approximately 6 years of experience can earn an average of R61 240 while a senior developer in Cape Town earns an average of R54 750. This amounts to R734 888 and R657 000 per annum, respectively. 

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Take a look at other high paying jobs:

Occupation                                      Salary (per annum)

Chief Financial Officer                       R3 million - R6 million

Chief Human Resource Officer         R2.9 million

Vice President of Supply Chain         R2.4 million

Financial Director                               R2.25 million 

Tax Director                                        R2.2 million 

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